Fall 10×10 Outfit 2

It’s day two of Fall 10×10 and if you don’t know what I’m doing, check out what’s going on here.  For the next 10 days (not including weekends) I’m only wearing 10 pieces of clothing.

This is Day Two, another cloudy and slightly rainy warm day. So not Fall. Despite this, I managed to pull out this outfit… yet again! 

Dress can be found here

First Impressions

Okay I’m trying not to freak out, but I’m freaking out. Tuesday morning was spent 15 minutes staring at my ten pieces and desperately trying to put something together. The weather was a high of 75 and the only piece that fit warm weather was this dress. I didn’t want to wear it because I felt as though I’ve already worn it so much in the past weeks.

In the end, this dress was light enough to get me through the unusually warm weather. I’m crossing my fingers that I get cooler weather coming my way or else I’m going to have to make some emergency changes to my wardrobe!

This dress was the best call ever. I’m usually a size x-small when it comes to Old Navy, but going a size up made this dress belt-able and oh-so-comfortable!

Styling Notes

Don’t feel the pressure to “put something together.” UGH if only I could talk to myself five hours ago and tell her that standing in front of the closet freaking out about outfits isn’t worth her time! You don’t always need to put together an outfit with layers and accessories (especially if the weather doesn’t agree either).

Dress for your day. If you have a long day, don’t try out that new shirt that may be uncomfortable. Wear what you know and save the “maybe” clothes for a shorter day.

I’ve also styled the dress like this in the past

What I Wore

I wore this stripped Tee Dress from Old Navy (WHICH IS CURRENTLY TEN DOLLARS!) and I have been wearing it nonstop every season. If you haven’t gotten yourself a t-shirt dress, I highly recommend it. It’s the only piece of clothing that can always save me from a closet meltdown.

Wish for cooler weather! And I’ll see you all tomorrow!

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