Fall 10×10 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Over the summer, I completed the Summer 10×10 challenge (read all about my experience here). After the challenge was over, I was so excited to just wear my gym clothes after my fitness class instead of feeling the pressure to put something from my wardrobe on.

Now that we’ve transitioned into colder weather I’m more exited that ever to try and complete the challenge again! I even snagged a clothing rack to place in my room so that I have no need to peek in my closet.  I originally got this 10×10 challenge idea from Caroline over at Un-fancy, so if you want to see how the pros do minimalism, check her out.

Today I’m going over:

  • How it works
  • My desired takeaway
  • My ten pieces

How it Works

Following in Caroline’s steps, each day, I’ll post my outfit of the day, share my first impressions, and then give some styling notes. For the challenge you get 10 items of clothing (tops, pants, dresses, etc.) I still didn’t feel comfortable enough to include shoes but maybe that’s best saved for the Winter 10×10. I’m also taking the weekend off because I’ll be traveling to Chicago for a wedding and that dress will definitely not be a part of my ten items. 🙂

Accessories, pajamas, purses, backpacks, and gym clothes don’t count. The goal is to create a new outfit each day using only these items.

My Desired Takeaway

Every time I visit home I always bring back more clothes for my closet at school. Even though I’m extremely conscious of the fact that I have to move out and graduate in May. So what I want to get out of this is a realization of what clothes I love, and which I can do without.

I also want to pick three items to donate. After picking my ten items I’m sure I’ll find articles of clothes that are just sitting in my closet untouched. They deserve a better home!

My Ten Items

Here’s what I came up with:

2 Tops

 Chambray shirt

Graphic t

2 Layering pieces

Black Cardigan (Fun fact, I got this in the Men’s section and saved so much money!)


2 sweaters

tan sweater

Burgundy sweater

1 Dress

striped dress

3 bottoms

Dark jeans




Skater skirt

I am so excited to do this challenge once again. If you’re doing the challenge as well let me know so I can follow your progress. See everyone tomorrow! 

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