Fall Fashion that Won’t Break the Bank

Depending on where you live, there are still some warm days left. If you’re home is anything like mine, some mornings are freezing and then the afternoons are sunny and steamy.

If that’s the case, sometimes finding the perfect outfit can be difficult. Fall fashion is all about layers, but if it’s just too warm that might not be possible. Check out the outfits I put together for those exact days. I linked everything below, and bonus, everything is under $50. Continue reading “Fall Fashion that Won’t Break the Bank”

My Fall Morning Routine

I asked you all on Instagram what kind of posts you all like reading, and after so many fashion posts thanks to the Fall 10×10, it seems like you’re ready for some lifestyle posts!

And I totally agree! Lifestyle posts are some of my favorites to read. I think it’s because I’m an openly nosy person, I love to read what people are up to. So today I am going to go through my typical morning routine. This doesn’t happen everyday, usually by Friday I’m sleeping in and not leaving the house until noon. But on average, this is what my mornings look like. Continue reading “My Fall Morning Routine”