How to Read for Fun in College

We’ve all been there before, where reading in the quiet mornings or rainy summer days are being replaced for running to class or taking a nap to recoup from the long day. With summer in the rear view window reading for fun has also been left behind, which is quite sad in my opinion because I’ve always loved a good book!

When it comes to college, there tends to be a heightened amount of required reading involved. It can be hours of reading and hundreds of pages to take notes on, so the last thing students want to do to relax is read some more.

For most students the library means a place to study, not a place to find the newest novel. And with the limited amount of time college students are given, Netflix and Chilling sounds like a much better option.

But, today I want to tell you about what I’ve been using to help me get through that mindset, and truly enjoy reading again.Book of the Month was kind enough to send me some books and this tote in exchange for telling you all about what their company is about. All opinions are my own, and I emphasize that I would not write about a product or service unless I can fully stand behind it. (read more about my disclaimers here)

To read more, I love the idea of being sent books in the mail. I mean, who doesn’t like coming home after a long day and seeing a package with their name on it?

How it works

Every month you get sent a book of your choice for $14.99 / month. The Book of the Month team reviews thousands of submissions and works closely with the Book of the Month judges to select five books they think you as the subscriber should read.

There are super detailed descriptions of each book so you can really get a feel for what each book entails and which one you want shipped to you. If you want more than one you can add extra books. Don’t like any of the options? You can skip any month you want, and you won’t be charged!

Why I personally enjoy the subscription box.

The club itself narrows down book choices and saves me time that way. I sometimes spend more than one hour scrolling through Pinterest to search for a new read. This way I only have to pick from five books and I get a way better sense of what each one is about.

It’s a fun treat as well! Whenever I start reading these books, I love to set up the room: cozy blankets, fall smelling candles, some sparkling water, and my new book! The books are also hardcover which means I can completely detach from electronics.

Subscriptions can stop whenever as well. If I don’t want to buy the book that month for any reason (lower paycheck, haven’t finished my latest book, nothing interesting, etc.) it’s incredibly easy and free to stop!

If you’re interested, click here! And a big thanks to Book of the Month for their donation! Be on the look out for a “What I Read This Month” so you can see what I thought of the books!

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