Monthly Favorites: August

August was a blur of countdowns until school starts, rushing to pack for school, and settling back into the swing of things. How can it be that another summer is officially over? No more racing to catch the ice cream truck on the beach until next summer I suppose.

But, as with every month, I look forward to the season ahead and I’ve collected some favorites along the way.

Black Mirror

I kept telling myself that I needed to hurry up and finish all my TV shows so that I don’t binge watch during school. Ha. Good one. Black Mirror is perfect for anyone who is into sci-fi or what the future might look like in 50 years.

What’s crazy is that each hour long episode has nothing to do with any other episode. It’s like a short film. On accident, I was watching season 3 for two episodes and I had no idea until someone pointed it out. Sadly I can see binge watching is not out of my future just yet.


This show is too good to only watch one episode… darn my binge watching habits are back! Parenthood is perfect for those who have watched shows like One Tree Hill, Vampire Diaries, Gilmore Girls, or Gossip Girl. It’s family drama like the former, but the main characters are all dealing with drama revolving around being a parent. Although I’m not a parent, I can still relate to the characters and I’m almost done with season 2!


Target Quilt

For a while I had a white comforter for my apartment at school, and that did not work well. Every chocolate I munched on in bed showed up, and eventually it started turning yellow. So, I went to target and bought this beautiful pink quilt. I love that its lighter than a comforter because I run hot when I sleep, and also it will hide dirt easier. But I’m telling you now, there will be absolutely no eating on that beautiful bed!

Spin Class

I was so happy to see that my school was offering free spin classes! I enjoyed my time so much over the summer trying new classes, so I was thrilled to see this pop up. Downside/upside is that class starts at 6:30 AM. Good thing that my workout for the day is finished early, bad thing that it’s a struggle to be up that early. But, to motivate myself to go, I have been going with a couple girl friends! I’ve realized that being accountable for not only myself really can get my butt into gear.

Trader Joe’s Fruit Sticks

This stuff tastes like dessert and if they were packaged larger, I wouldn’t stop eating these! Best part about them is that even though they taste amazing, this fruit gummy is guilt free. Thanks TJ for always having my back!


I’m always switching between listening to an audible book or podcasts on my commute to and from campus. I recently decided that my plan should be to listen to my podcasts more, and leave the book for when I’m waiting for new podcasts to come out. Here’s what’s on my subscription list.

  • TED Radio Hour
  • This American Life
  • Stuff You Should Know
  • Serial

That’ll be enough to keep me busy during my commutes probably for the rest of the semester!


Another month, another list of favorites! Thanks for stopping by! 





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