September Favorites

Hello everyone! I am going to warn you all that the September Favorites and the October Favorites post will be riddled with accessories to make it look like fall threw up all over the blog. (sorry not sorry!) I have been counting down the days to fall since the 90 degree days would not persist. So without further ado, here’s my favorites for the month of September. Continue reading “September Favorites”

13 Hours on Campus Packing Essentials

For months I’ve been bragging about my class schedule: afternoon classes only on Tuesday and Thursday. It was the perfect set up! Problem is that I also need to work. Turns out my schedule for work makes it so I have lots of gaps of time but they’re not long enough to go back to my apartment which ends up getting me a 13 hour day on campus once a week. That’s a freaking long day. 

But I’m determined to live every day with a happy heart, even if I have to put my happy heat on campus all day. I also know that this is not a one-woman pity party and plenty of people have incredibly long days on campus as well.

So to make life easier on all of us, I’m rounding up what a quintessential backpack looks like when it comes to surviving an incredibly long day. Continue reading “13 Hours on Campus Packing Essentials”

Wear Your Summer Dress in The Fall

Is anyone else suffering from major confusion on the weather? I feel like September is completely confusing! Mornings can be chilly, but three hours later I’m sweating in my long sleeved shirt. Or one day might be perfect to light up a fall candle and wear a chunky knit sweater, and the next I’ll be playing beach volleyball with friends!

This time of year I always struggle between savoring the last days of summer, while trying not to get into the fall spirit prematurely. Today I wanted to share with you my outfit of the week. I wore this maxi dress to a party and I was so excited, but then it became too chilly to wear. Instead of starting over I changed up the outfit so I could still wear my maxi dress, but now it was styled for fall! Go take a look!

Continue reading “Wear Your Summer Dress in The Fall”

How to Read for Fun in College

We’ve all been there before, where reading in the quiet mornings or rainy summer days are being replaced for running to class or taking a nap to recoup from the long day. With summer in the rear view window reading for fun has also been left behind, which is quite sad in my opinion because I’ve always loved a good book!

When it comes to college, there tends to be a heightened amount of required reading involved. It can be hours of reading and hundreds of pages to take notes on, so the last thing students want to do to relax is read some more.

For most students the library means a place to study, not a place to find the newest novel. And with the limited amount of time college students are given, Netflix and Chilling sounds like a much better option.

But, today I want to tell you about what I’ve been using to help me get through that mindset, and truly enjoy reading again. Continue reading “How to Read for Fun in College”

Monthly Favorites: August

August was a blur of countdowns until school starts, rushing to pack for school, and settling back into the swing of things. How can it be that another summer is officially over? No more racing to catch the ice cream truck on the beach until next summer I suppose.

But, as with every month, I look forward to the season ahead and I’ve collected some favorites along the way. Continue reading “Monthly Favorites: August”