How I use a Physical and Digital Planner Without Going Crazy

If you see me running to my next class or sitting at a cafe on campus you will likely see two things with me at all times: my water bottle and my planner. Fortunately, this post is not about why I love carrying my water with me everywhere.

So I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love writing in my planner and the process of getting a new planner is always a long one. But what’s funny is that I don’t just use one planner. I’m always using my physical planner and my google calendar. Today I’m giving you the low-down on my planner situation, what planner I use, what I use each platform for, and how I keep track of it all without missing a beat.

My Physical Planner

I bought this lovely planner at Michael’s and I was so happy to settle on this design because I’m incredibly picky when it comes to what my planners need. I’m happy to say that this planner has:

  • A pretty & hard cover
  • A monthly view
  • A spiral bind so I don’t always have to lay it flat
  • A weekly view that has several lines for all my tasks
  • Spot for notes
  • Bonus — Stickers


What I use my Michael’s Planner For

One of my favorite days during school is when I get a syllabus for class so I can transfer all the important dates into my planner: red pen for quizzes/exams and highlighted yellow for assignments due. Then whatever I want to accomplish that day, from workouts to homework to do, is written in my planner.

What I use my Google Calendar For

I can be very type A. So for my personality, I like seeing what I can fit in my day hour by hour. Can I sneak a coffee break between my first class and work? How long will I be able to work on homework? Do I have any group meetings that need to be scheduled in? I like to be able to look at the schedule view and see exactly when everything on my physical planner will be taking place.

I also really like how easy it is to change an event. There’s no erasing or whiting out when I need to reschedule something. Being able to see everything color coded and being easily adjustable is perfect for my day to day life. See below for an example!

Class schedule

How I keep Track of it all

Every morning (or the day before) I’ll look over my physical planner and see what I have going on. That includes how many assignments needs to get done, what time I have work, any meetings, etc. etc.

Then I’ll work it out on the google calendar and see, hour by hour, when I’m going to accomplish it all. This helps me visually see that I have the time (or not!) to accomplish everything that day.

A bonus is that my Google calendar schedule is then sent to my Apple Watch. This way, if I’m in class looking at my planner, I can easily see what is next up on the agenda.

And this is what keeps me successful during the school year. I completely understand that this might not be reasonable for you… You do what works best for you girl! I also can come to terms that I am extremely dorky when it comes to planner and this whole post might have accentuated that. Oh Well! 

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