Six Habits to Start Your First Week of School

This is my last year of schooling ever (Cue the sad music and the panic attack).  Whenever someone brings up being a senior I love to gush about my passion for learning, school supplies, and basically being a big nerd when it comes to school. I love it and it’s almost unfathomable that this chapter of my life will be coming to a close. I’m already riddled with nostalgia and it’s only August.

After years of “First Days” I sat down and thought about the habits that I tend to reinstate once I head back to school. I came up with six habits that I start working on during my first week back at school that really benefit me in the long run and hopefully can help you too.

Figure Out When to do Your Workouts

FullSizeRender (1)

As soon as I got my work and class schedule, I blocked out time in my Google Calendar to go to the gym. My school only has free parking from 5:30 PM-7:00 AM and I’m not one who likes to workout at 8:00 at night. What does that mean? 6:00 AM sharp is when my “gym class” starts. I treat my workout like I would a class. When I to gym at the same time starting the very first week, it really helps my gym time to be as sacred as arriving to class on time.

Have Homework Time Blocked Out

Just like having time carved out for working out, getting into the habit of making time for homework is key. For myself, I have classes in the afternoon this year that go pretty late. So, what I put in my schedule is a set time everyday to sit down and do homework before class. Even the first week, when there typically isn’t much to do, I want to be sitting in the library working. There’s always something to get accomplished during this time so setting it aside that first week will help it become an ingrained action.


Drink Enough Water

Cute water bottle? Check! Actually using it to drink the recommended water? Um… less of a check. When I’m running around during the summer it’s so much easier to drink water compared to sitting inside all day knowing that I’ll probably have to sneak out of class soon to take a bathroom break (again). But who cares! You should be going to the bathroom every hour, not drinking less because you only have a ten minute gap between classes. Week one should consist of packing your backpack with that cute water bottle and setting it right on your desk!

Healthy Eating

IMG_1599 (1).JPGThis means carving out time to go to the grocery store and meal prepping. It will be extra work compared to ordering a pizza every week, but your body and wallet will feel so much better if you start eating healthy right from day one. Make sure you buy some Tupperware for packing up meals that you make ahead, and sit down on Pinterest to find some easy, yummy recipes.

Having Productive Mornings

This habit is going to be a true struggle for me: I want all my mornings to be productive. I know I plan on going to the gym super early during the week, but what about after the gym? Or what about on the days I don’t go to workout, what then? Making mornings all about accomplishing small, happy tasks really sets up the day for success.

If you’re not a ball of energy at the crack of dawn, I get it, but what about getting up 30 minutes earlier to do the yoga sequence you’ve always wanted to get into? Or to read the school paper that you never seem to have time for? Find something productive, yet enjoyable that you can do to reward yourself for getting up early.

Finding an End of the Week Treat

IMG_0138.JPGI can easily stand behind this 100%.  There needs to be something to celebrate the end of a hard week (at least that’s my justification). Last semester, my weekly treat was going to a Friday Pilates class. Since this will be my last year in my college town, I thought this semester’s weekly treat would be checking out different cafes each week and working on this blog in different settings. Find something that can be your Friday treat to reward yourself after a long week!


What’s a habit you want to start when school begins? Are you excited to start school or are you wishing for another month of summer?

One thought on “Six Habits to Start Your First Week of School

  1. Love this! New semesters are so exciting for me as well. Being a virtual student I think it’s harder- to have to schedule your own time in. You have to be so disciplined and I think thats where my organization kicks in. I like that you treat your exercise as a class. That’s a great mentality to have. Thanks for sharing.


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