J Crew Fall Lookbook

I’m one of those people that as soon as school starts, I’m jumping head first into everything Fall. Last year, I even paraded around with a shirt that said “You Had Me at Pumpkin Spice.” At the risk of sounding like every other girl who blogs or is in college: I love Fall. 

So to celebrate the Fall season I rounded up my favorite J.Crew pieces from their newest line and put together my thoughts on what I’ll be wearing while sipping my PSL by the fire. There are links* to shop for your convenience!

* Check out my Website Disclaimer if you want to know more about affiliated links.

J.Crew Elephant Print Off-the-shoulder Top 

I wouldn’t take this top off for several reasons: It’s incredibly comfortable, it fits great, and I loved how I looked in the top. This top is perfect for a girls night out for drinks or for a Sunday Brunch. Too cute to wear to school, and when paired with heels I was radiating confidence!

Elephant 1elephant 2Elephant 3elephant 4

Details: J Crew Off-the-shoulder Top//J Crew High Rise Jeans//Banana Republic Madison 12 Hour Pumps//Earrings

J.Crew Ribbed Sweater with Snap Sleeves

Want to be cozy but don’t want to be drowning in fabric? This sweater fits snug, but comfortably, and can easily be paired with jeans or leggings. My favorite feature of this sweater is the snap sleeves. Keep closed for the sleeve to travel down your arm, or undo for a flirty bell-sleeve look. I will be wearing this to class either on its own, or when it get’s too cold, paired with a warm vest and hot coffee.



Details: Sweater//Jeans//Purse//Shoes

J.Crew Relaxed Boatneck Sweater

One of the many activities I’m excited about doing once I go back to school is hitting up the local farmer’s market. My perfect Saturday morning includes walking down Main Street checking out what all of the local stands have to offer. This sweater is warm enough that I can wear it on its own during those early Saturday mornings outside. This sweater will easily become a classic in my fall wardrobe due to it’s versatility.


Details: J. Crew Sweater//Jeans//Shoes//Sunglasses

J.Crew Tigers T-Shirt

Go from Friday class straight to dinner with friends when wearing this combo! By itself, this tiger t-shirt is casual enough to wear to class. But just throw on this faux leather jacket from Nordstrom to make it perfect for going out. I paired it with my black Nike shoes for a sporty look.


Details: T-shirt//Jeans//Leather Jacket//Nikes

So, in addition to seasonal coffee, more layers, and pretty leaves I’ve added these clothes to the list of things that get me excited about Fall. Let me know if you like what I bought for Fall and what your new pieces are that your loving for the season!

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