Monthly Favorites: July

August is finally here, which means I can finally confess that I’ve been accumulating school supplies since early July. It’s just that I love being a student and this is my last year to soak it all in. Lucky for you all, I get to share with you all the school related (and some other fun purchases) that I’ve been loving all July and can’t wait to utilize this month!

My Planner

I think I’m going to do a separate post going into my deep love for this planner. I have been bringing it with me to places (like Target) where I KNOW I don’t need it. But, I can’t help it, the planner is just too cute! I got mine at Michael’s on sale (after three visits to the store and an online purchase because I couldn’t make up my mind). If you couldn’t tell, I take my planner very seriously. 😊

Nail Hardener

Once I graduated high school and stopped playing water polo, I was allowed grow my nails out as long as I wanted. My excitement was quickly stifled after noticing that my nails were too weak to grow before they broke. During July, my mom bought me some Sally Hansen Nail Hardener and I have been loving the results it’s given me. After putting it on once a week, my nails are too pretty and long for me to bare putting fake nails on anymore. I never thought I’d say that, so I’d be surprised is this product doesn’t become empty.

Starbucks at Home Iced Coffee

You all know that I talked a while back about my Iced Coffee Hack. But, I’ll be the first to admit that this Starbucks skinny iced latte is not only healthier, but cheaper! Not only does it save me from making impromptu trips to Starbucks, but when I put it in my Starbucks tumbler I don’t even feel like I’m missing out on the hype.


I really want to use this app when I’m back at school and buying my own groceries again, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try Lifesum Premium for free for one month when the offer popped up on my app. After trying premium for a month it’s going to be hard not to go back to using the free version. I love scanning an item and seeing what the pros and cons of eating a food is. And they rate the meals I eat with smiley faces and I’m too competitive not to get a smiley!

Bath and Body Works Hand Cream

This hand cream was the result of a three second weak moment at the Bath and Body Works checkout counter. Although this 1oz cream seemed overpriced, I use it as a true treat on my hands and keep it in my purse when I need an extra boost. I got the cream in the scent Vanilla Buttercream and I love how it is thicker than regular lotion – a real treat!


I know this July favorites is a bit late, but after those couple travel weekends I wanted to get those posts up quickly. Let me know if you’ve had any favorites recently!

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