One Day in Burlington, Vermont: Three “Must Try’s”

My short time in Burlington consisted of early morning departures, late night arrivals, and rain in between. However, I have nothing but good things to say about my recent trip! Maybe that means that I’m quite easy to please. But during my short trip I found that no matter what the weather might be, with some research, there’s always something to be discovered in a new destination.

Today, I’m saving you the research and sharing with you my top three destinations to scope out if you choose to travel to Burlington during the summer.

Waterfront Park

Even though it was raining, my time was spent outside walking around this cute town that’s right on Lake Champlain. Luckily, the rain let up just in time for my mom and I to walk the bike trail that follows the lake. This path was charming, provided some great views of the mountains, and full of dogs to pet. If only we had better weather, we surely would have walked miles around the harbor.

August First Bakery

In the summer, this bakery has no windows or doors so the cool lake breeze can be felt as you warm up to homemade soup and a hot coffee. I chose to eat the tomato basil soup, along with a turkey sandwich and some hot coffee. My mom opted for a coffee and a fresh raspberry scone. She was a doll and was kind enough to share with me and that scone was absolutely delicious.

It is something to note that this was a close quarters café. Someone who was at the table behind me literally had their back touching mine. After they moved I felt more at ease, but if you’re one for a quiet and spacious café this place might not be for you.

The Skinny Pancake…for dinner!

Don’t let the phrase “Crepes for dinner” scare you away. This place creates food that is not only unique but filling enough to pass as dinner. During the afternoon, we made it a mission to scope out a fun place for dinner and stumbled across this place. I order the Deja Vu Crepes that were filled with sausage, cheese, and apples AND it was served with famous Vermont Maple Syrup to dip in. It was one of the more bizarre food combinations I’ve had, but it was a meal I ended up talking about hours later! With the combination of unique food and perfectly trendy atmosphere, this place made the cut.

If you end up traveling to Vermont, let me know! I’d love to keep up with your travels.


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