Outfit of the Week

Happy Thursday friends! I am so grateful for a patch of sun this morning. Almost all week we’ve either had clouds or big storms, a perfect excuse to watch Under the Tuscan Sun guilt free. I enjoyed having a valid excuse to be the homebody I am without feeling the need to leave the house! Now that the good weather is back I wanted to share my outfit of the week. Or in other words, the outfit that I wanted to wear three days in a row but instead got the shorts dirty and had to throw them in the wash (classic Samantha).





Shirt Details:

Even though the summer months can be hot and humid, that doesn’t mean I shy away from button downs all together!  With the combination of rolling up the sleeves and having it be a light material it’s completely wearable in July. My mom bought this top at American Eagle for me years ago…I think I was a freshman in high school! Anyways, this exact shirt isn’t on their site anymore, but I linked some below that I found very similar including the 2017 American Eagle version of this shirt.

Note: Each link takes you to Polyvore.com and then the website will have a clickable link to the exact product. I use Polyvore because of their ease with linking products and their layout style. I am not affiliated in any way and these links are nothing but a guide for the reader. If you would rather go straight to the site and search for the product on your own I have the website where each product is found.


The Necessities/Accessories

Try saying that five times fast! Again, the hat is from a past season from Banana Republic, but I linked the current (very similar) version that they have.

Banana Republic panama hat


And that’s this post’s Outfit of the Week! Let me know if you enjoyed this and if it should be a series here on BarryChic.

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