June Favorites

Happy Post-Fourth of July! Hopefully everyone has returned back with all their fingers not blown off. I personally have eaten enough barbeque food to last me until Labor Day. I’m currently sitting in my freshly cleaned room with my window wide open as the morning breeze is flowing through the room. It’s tranquil mornings like these that make me grateful for my summer back home. Being here for almost half the summer now has opened the doors to some habits that I’ve been falling into. This month was one that was spent traveling to Cancun, catching up on my new summer reads, and spending time in the gym. For this post, I’m going to share with you what I’ve been obsessed with for the month of June.

Workout Classes

If you’ve read my post last Thursday, you’ll know that I switched up my routine to be less cardio based. Depending on the season and on my mood, I fluctuate between running and strength training. Right now I just switched over to more strength training workouts and I’ve been loving them. There’s something so wonderful about training with others and being motivated through some serious comradery. And my philosophy is, as long as you’re eating healthy, hitting your goals, and feeling good there’s no need to feel guilty about switching. As June switches to July, I will continue to be checking out all these new workout classes!

The Public Library

When I was a kid my mom would take my brother and I to the library to participate in their summer reading program. Now that professors aren’t telling me what I have to read, I can finally dive into a good book that I chose. The public library is amazing, and why I haven’t utilized it more is beyond me. The idea of picking out new reads for free and then returning them to grab more is so ideal for the frugal college student.

My Address Book

“Great! See you at 7”

“Awesome! Wait… where do you live again?”

This conversation has happened three times during the month of June alone. After the third time I decided it was time to get an address book. I picked out this one from Walgreens which has plenty of space for when people inevitably move. If I’m being completely honest, I’ll probably find one that’s equally as cute in a couple months and I’ll buy that one too! I have an addiction with stationary… but that’s why this is perfect!

A Dream Journal

Speaking of stationary, I found another reason for the countless journals I have in my room. For the month of June I did my best to write down my dreams in the morning. Most days I didn’t go into too much depth, just because I wasn’t in the mood to be writing paragraphs. Just a couple sentences on what I remember, I feel, has really helped me cleanse my mind and help me start the day fresh.


When I’m in my car I’ve been turning on my audio books rather than the Top40. I’m currently listening to I Can’t Make This Up by Kevin Hart. People: Kevin Hart’s book is hilarious. On more than one occasion I have found myself laughing out loud in my car or sitting in the driveway just to keep listening. There’s a completely different vibe to books when they are read to you rather than reading them. And although I wouldn’t suggest listening to a deep book, anything nonfiction or a memoir has been perfect for my drives to the grocery store.


Lately, I’ve been really enjoying taking bike rides around my neighborhood. A couple of times I even biked to the store to grab a couple things! Not only is biking a healthy activity, but it makes me want to look around me during my time traveling from point A to point B instead of being in my car and just driving. I’ve got to take advantage of the warm weather!


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