Your Fourth of July Style Guide

It’s a celebration that includes family, friends, food, and fireworks. The Fourth of July is a perfect excuse to pull out your red shorts, paint your nails white, and jump in a clear blue pool. When you’re not chilling out by some water, you’ll probably want to dress accordingly to celebrate. Today on the blog I’m sharing with you three ways to dress up for the holiday.


Red Bottoms

Red and white

whether you’re feeling a sundress or you rather be running around in shorts, I’ve got you covered. Red bottoms and a white top is perfect when you don’t feel like decking out in red, white, and blue flags. If you choose to wear a flowy skirt, pair it with a tighter top. Wearing a loose top? Vice Versa.



Stripes are wearable year round, so when in a pickle to figure out what to wear, why not go back to basics? With the summer sun, your favorite striped shirt can be the perfect match. Who says that you’re required to wear all the colors of the American flag at once?

Maxi Skirts

Maxi Skirts
Sometimes the weather just doesn’t want to cooperate with our outdoor plans. If that’s your case, pull out that maxi skirt (or maxi dress) to keep your legs warm and don’t be afraid to pair it with your leather jacket.
Enjoy the holiday, and have a safe & happy Fourth of July!

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