Summer Gym Essentials

Finally I got my butt into gear and made it a point to go to the gym, no excuses. I’m currently finding so much motivation with all of the classes my gym has to offer (it’s also given me a reason to go out and buy new gym clothes!) Today #ontheblog I’m sharing with you what I bring to the gym on a typical day. Everything is linked (not sponsored) below to make shopping for these must-haves easier.

Summer Gym Essentials

Shower Necessities

Sometimes it’s no question that I have to take a shower after a particularly sweaty session. What I like to do is rub this detox scrub from TJ Maxx everywhere to scrub off the sweat and stink. Afterwards I change into the clothes I brought along with my Yoga Mat sandals. I hate putting gym shoes back on after I shower so these shoes are perfect! Washing my hair takes approximately 592 hours so I’ll skip that step, spray some dry shampoo in it, and be on my way.

Onzie activewear top


Sanuk sandals
Body cleanser

Dove deodorant

Drybar hair shampoo


I keep a wallet that stays in my gym bag so that I don’t have to dig it out every time I want to switch bags. Inside my gym wallet I keep my club pass and a couple bucks because sometimes I get a craving for a green smoothie after class!

Kate spade bag

Odds & Ends

Somehow more things accumulate in my bag as the months go on. Over time I end up having an assortment of hair ties or a couple hats that have made their way in there. Something that I never forget is my chapstick because my lips are thir-sty when I workout so, I’ll always find one or two in my bag. And speaking of thirsty, I always have my water bottle on hand to keep me hydrated.

I also have been using my Apple Watch to track my fitness for about a year now and I still love it, I highly recommend it! I use it to track my calories, standing hours, exercise, sleep, etc. With each software update I fall more in love with my investment.

Gym bag

Sports watch

Tek Gear hat

Yoga Mat

My addiction with buying yoga mats is as bad as my addiction with buying purses! Currently I’m using one from TJ Maxx that looks just like this one, except the one from TJ was a six dollar steal!

I found that putting together a fun bag motivates me to head to the gym and actually use what’s inside. Let me know what classes you love to take as I’m excited to try something new!

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