4 Things You Have to do if You’re Traveling with Others

There’s something wonderful about sharing experiences with others. Traveling alone is great for the mind, but traveling with ones you love is good for the soul. Recently, my family and I went to Cancun for a vacation, and it was stunning! I absolutely love traveling with my family, but sometimes it can all get a little much. This vacation, I made sure to instill these four methods to avoid the inevitable bickering.

Work Out

I know I know. We all rather spend the entire day sipping mojitos on the beach. But, working out on vacation only results in the positives! I chose to workout in the mornings after my coffee by the beach. This way, I got out some excess energy that could potentially become pent up. I also got some special alone time with me and my music. Nothing puts me in a better mood than the results of a killer workout! Even on vacation, making sure you take the time to burn some calories can help avoid feeling like a hyper border collie in a hotel room.


Know it’s Okay to Have Alone Time

Early in the morning I would grab my coffee and my favorite book and head to the beach. As much as I adore my family, my early mornings are sacred to me. That’s something that I have identified as my own time, and I didn’t want to give that up just because I was with others. And that’s ok. Recognizing that you don’t have to spend every waking hour with your travel partners is good! Make sure you carve out some time for yourself to self-reflect or de-stress. It will help everyone involved.

Do Something Special Together

Make sure you and your travel buddies do something specific to that vacation. For example, this vacation my mom and I went and swam with dolphins. We never had done that before and it was an extraordinary experience that I was so thankful to have. Doing it with her made it twice as remarkable. Now your “special trip experience” doesn’t have to be something as out there like we did. It can be something small like trying a crazy new dessert and having your excuse be “it’s vacation!”. Experiencing a new food or a new activity with others can make it one for the books.

Remember Why You’re There

It’s not everyday that you get to be with your family/travel buddies on a resort or a new location. If you ever start to get irritated because of the close quarters or the excess amount of quality time, remember your purpose. This is a great opportunity for memories and new experiences and just be aware that being close all of the time could get people to step on others toes.


I have quite a few outfit pictures from the trip. Would you like to see a post about what I wore? 

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