Farmer’s Market Style 

Summer means fresh food, enjoyable weather, and cool clothes. Today I’ve got the perfect look just in time for weekend farmer’s markets!
I am two different people in the warm and cold months. Layering clothes is what I do best, so in the fall and winter my style shines…summer not so much. Some days it’s hot, humid and I really don’t feel like taunting wind with a dress. There is one outfit that I consider perfect no matter how hot or windy is may get. My go-to outfit consists of these solid black shorts from Old Navy (on sale now for under $15!) with a graphic T Shirt and necklace.

This graphic T that I’m wearing is from Public Market Goods, and I am in love. I have 8 gray T-shirts in my closet and this one ranks top of the list. The quality is light, extremely soft and fits like a dream! I specifically love how I can make a statement just by what I choose to wear (if the bees die, we die. Save the bees!). I bought a size small for reference and I can’t wait to wear it again so I can try styling it with the sleeves rolled up. 

I also picked up this bag which is perfect for flowers or my groceries. When the weather is warmer I become ultra aware of the impact I make on the environment. I like to bike to stores, use reusable bags, and shop locally. I couldn’t pass up this durable, large, and oh-so-cute tote to bring with me whenever I shop. I love the material PMG uses that promises to hold all the fresh food you can buy! The print I chose says “Support Your Local Farmers” which I can’t wait to show off around at Iowa State (all my Ag major friends will be proud 🙂 ).

What I love additionally is that PMG is devoted to helping the environment as well. By buying one of their items we’re supporting “U.S. cotton growers and manufacturers, as well as a handful of small businesses around the country — many of which are owned by women and minorities.” Over the last couple months I’ve been aware of where my food came from and I’ve strived to buy foods that were grown locally, but I never really thought about the clothes that I bought. Knowing what good morals this company stands behind really gives me a good conscience.

See you at Saturday’s Farmer’s Market? I’ll be wearing this! 

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