My New Skincare Routine

I’ll be the first to admit that my skin was and is not perfect. Lately though, I feel like I’ve finally finished the uphill battle with skin care! I wanted to share what I’ve been doing for the past few months that have been changing the way my skin is feeling.

Day Routine

Drink Water: Before I go to sleep the night before I’ll fill up my water bottle and keep it by my bedside. While still in bed, I’ll take a few sips to wake myself up and make sure I’m not hitting the snooze button. Staying hydrated is so important for clear skin and if I can finish a bottle by the time I’m done with my skin care routine I’m in great shape for the day.

Biore Charcoal Face Wash: Once I make it to the bathroom I’ll wash my face with this. I’m a huge fan of the active ingredients that fight any acne that might be creeping up.

Aveeno Moisturizer: As much as I like to pretend I inherited my mom’s Italian tan skin, I have a super fair complexion. I make sure to always moisturize with Aveeno because it has 30 SPF sunscreen in it while still smelling good and feeling light.

Coppertone Oil-Free Face Sunscreen: Yes, I’m that susceptible to burning that I put on sunscreen after my moisturizer. I’ve been loving this brand because it specifically avoids clogging pores and keeps my face from becoming a grease bomb.

Night Routine

Makeup Remover Wipes: I love taking off the day with makeup wipes. I’ve been getting mine at TJ Maxx for about 3 bucks and I love switching up and trying different brands. When I was in high school this used to be my only step (ickk I know). Later I found out how much of a gap there is between “ridding your face of makeup” and “actually cleaning.” Thank goodness I know better now.

Biore Charcoal Face Wash: Stick with whatcha know. 😉

Norvex Cloth: After a face wash I’ll run this cloth under warm water and lightly exfoliate my face. I was the biggest skeptic for the longest time about this product but the results speak volumes about this microfiber cloth. If you’ve got the extra minute to add to your nighttime routine I highly recommend it. When I was traveling last month this was the only thing I used at the end of the day and it keep everything at bay.

Vaseline:  Vaseline is my Windex (My Big Fat Greek Wedding anyone?). I put it on liberally! On eyelashes to promote growth, under my eyes to prevent wrinkles and  get the softest results in the morning, and of course my lips.

Olay Regenerist Moisturizer: This stuff is on the more expensive side, but highly worth the investment. The price is my only con with this product and I’ve definitely seen pricer items in the skin care world. After putting this on at night I can be assured that my dry, sensitive skin won’t be bothered during the night.


This is what I’ve been using for the past few months. Although sometimes all I want to do is skip the entire routine, I’ve been loving the results too much to skip!

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