5 Hair Products that Change the Game

When I was in elementary school I was jealous of all the girls will anything that could be defined as a curl. Now? I have a curly/wavy/stick-straight vibe going on that I have not been loving. There’s nothing I’d like more than perfect curls or stick straight hair but that’s just not happening! Lately I’ve switched up my hair routine and it’s allowed me to go heatless. That’s right: no hair dryer, no straightener, no curler needed to achieve my freshly washed look. That’s not to say that on day 2 or 3 (bare with me, I got obscenely long before I wash my thick locks) I won’t run my hair through a straightener. But, these five products have changed the way my hair feels, looks, and styles! 

Redkin Shampoo

Product Details: REDKIN color extend magnetics shampoo [$19.00 at ULTA]

This was my first purchase when I made the attempt to change my hair routine to fit my needs. What I needed was  something that was not harmful to color treated hair. This product not only smells great, but it’s sulfate-free formula leaves my hair vibrant and lightweight.

Keratin Repair Spray

Product Details: Keratherapy Keratin infused rapid rescue [$19.00 on Amazon]

I shouldn’t pick favorites…but…this is my favorite! After showering, this is the first product I put in my hair. It truly does what it says when promising shinier, smoother, and healthier hair. A generous distribution on the midsection of my hair is just enough to protect and replenish the hair follicles. This product changed my hair from being straw-like after so much coloring, to more natural and healthy feeling. A must buy!

Ouidad Leave-in Conditioner

Product details: Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner [$20 on Amazon]

This leave in conditioner is the newest addition to the family but has quickly earned it’s spot. Anything that has the word “moisture” is automatically intriguing to my hair and myself. It can be a losing battle loading up with tons of products that promise straight hair, and I found that embracing the curls with this leave in conditioner combats frizz and the always dreaded “poof.”

MoroccanOil Treatment

Product Details: MoroccanOil Treatment [$15.00 on MoroccanOil Online]

Whoever says that they don’t pick their split ends are either (1) the most self-controlled person on the planet or (2) lying. But to fight dryness at my ends so I’m less likely to pick them when bored, I’ve been using this treatment oil as my last step of my hair washing routine. When used sparingly on my ends only, I find that it increases shine, hydration, and smoothness to the area I need it most.

Glimmer Spray

Product Details: MoroccanOil Glimmer Shine Spray [$14.00 at Sephora]

I’ll leave you with this fun and highly used shine spray. By my third day of not washing my hair, the shine that I gained from any of the above products is usually gone. After 3 squirts of this, it looks like my hair is anything but dull. It’s sweet aroma and instant shine is just what I need to hold me over until my next wash!


And that’s it! Leave a comment below and let me know what hair products you absolutely love! 

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