Cool Weather Spring Dress

Outfit details:  CABI dress//H&M Leather Jacket//Banana Republic Heels (pinks are seasonal so these are similar!)//Watch//Sunglasses (ON SALE)

I am extremely done with it being a cool spring and I am ready to fully embrace summer… even if summer doesn’t want to come to the midwest just yet. I’ve packed up all of my cold weather clothes and I am too stubborn to accept that it’s a real possibility that they may need to be pulled back out! This dress is the perfect compromise for nice days that are just a bit too chilly for a sundress.

This dress is from CABI’s latest collection and although it is pricier than dresses I would normally buy (think TJ Maxx $15), I have absolutely loved how I felt in this dress. Usually I’m not the biggest fan of long dresses, but I say if you can find a dress that shows off your best features then it’s worth a shot! This dress nipped my waist right at my ribcage and had a fitted halter that sat comfortably on my broader shoulders. If you needed any more convincing, the beauty also has pockets to store goodies.

Because this is a long dress, I found it most comfortable to wear with heels. I never felt overwhelmed in the fabric and part of that has to be credited to the height I gained from the heels. For this occasion, I chose to pair the Aurora Dress with a leather jacket and pink heels. There is an easy transformation between daytime coffee dates to bridal showers to date nights based on the accessories you choose to put with it. Even on it’s own, this dress is stunning and can be worn bare for a simple yet anything-but-plain look.

5 thoughts on “Cool Weather Spring Dress

  1. I love seeing black leather jackets worn in the summer! So bold. I feel you sister about the midwest not being quite ready for summer, but we can only wait patiently 🙂

    Much love,
    Ashley |


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