Four Days in Ireland with One Carry-On

I think I’m not alone when I say that I’m an over packer. Even when lay out all my outfits for each day I start to think “what if I don’t want to wear that?” or “what if it’s too cold to wear a dress.” This leads another sweater, another pair of pants, and always too many shoes. On my recent travel to Ireland, (which is where I’m currently staying at the moment!) I made it a mission to not over pack. 

My trick to this is to develop a theme within the clothes. As a lover of all clothes neutral, I am drawn towards my pallet consisting of black, white, and gray. If 90% of your closet is navy or cream make sure that your theme revolves around that. Traveling is not a good time to try and dress like someone your not. All that does is leave you upset in the clothes that you brought!

On the plane:

For my almost eight hour flight I opted for the perfect balance between business casual while still being comfy. Usually I reach for a dress, but being in the air for so long made me crave some leggings! I chose to wear my J.Crew leggings. These were thick enough that they could easily be mistaken for form fitting business pants, but secretly they are the comfiest things ever. I also paired this with a banana republic knit sweater that is equally, if not more so, as soft as the leggings. My outerwear was a light wash jean jacket. Wearing it not only kept me warm on the plane, but also saved me room in my carry on. To accessorize, I chose a summery scarf to brighten everything up.

Time to pack shirts, and This. Was. So. Hard. I took a good half hour to try and convince myself that I didn’t need to pack six shirts for four days abroad. I ended up choosing two nice evening shirt and three other shirts in hopes that the pubs won’t request anything more than a casual dress code (they didn’t, of course). Now the weather was suppose to be unusually warm, reaching in the upper 50’s so I opted to be a master in layering by bringing a leather jacket and trench coat. Probably didn’t need to pack both but I’m still learning to pack light! In addition to my leggings I wore on the plane, I brought a pair of dark jeans to pair with any of the shirts.

The shirts I chose clung close to the neutral colors


Here’s my outfit for the first night in Dublin (peak the hostel haha)

Addition to my clothes, I also packed:

  • An adapter
  • shampoo/conditioner
  • Face wipes
  • A small black cross body purse
  • Make up
  • Gym shoes

For my personal item for the plane I chose to use this massive white tote from TJ Maxx. It’s super durable and structured so it fit everything I needed for the plane and more!

In here I chose to store my iPad, phone, sunglasses,and wallet. Additionally, I put my make up in a bag and all my chargers in another bag. This kept everything in their respected places and caused less chaos when I inevitably had to dig for something. Other items that I’m glad I brought included decongestant spray (I was on the tail end of my cold), gum, snacks for more than just the plane ride, and fuzzy socks for when it got cold on the plane.

It can be hard to remember what to pack, especially when packing for an international trip. I had to remember money, documents, and maps because wifi is not an option people! To help me remember, I wrote out a checklist on what to pack. I strongly suggest if you’re planning on going on a trip to pack early so there’s not a rush, and to make a checklist. If it’s helpful, below is the checklist that I made for myself for my stay in Ireland!
Carry-On Packing list- Ireland.jpg

What’s something you almost always forget to pack?

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