Travel Bucket List

When I first decided to travel this summer I was brainstorming of all the places I wanted to go. And let me tell ya, the list got long fast! But, with graduation parties, weddings, and family commitments, suddenly my blocks of time got a bit shorter. When school starts up in the fall I won’t have class on Mondays or Fridays (the real question being ” is it really school if you have a four day weekend??”) I’ve already made a mental note that in the fall I want to continue booking weekend getaways and so that made me feel better knowing that even if I don’t go everywhere I want to this summer, I still have the rest of 2017 to travel.

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Below are five places I want to travel to this summer:


So it’s not a coincidence that the first destination on my list is also the first place I’ll be officially traveling to. In fact, as of right now I’ll be in Ireland barring any complications (follow my Instagram for pictures!). I decided Ireland should be first for a couple of reasons including safety, ease of transportation, and they speak English. I feel a bit like I’ll be jumping into the deep end of a pool by having my first solo travel be another continent.  I’m so excited to know that I will be traveling the roads of my ancestors (I’m half Irish!) and  having a required pint of Guinness.


Lucky me has a friend near London that I’ve been dying to visit! I met a good friend of mine last year when she was studying abroad at my university (hey Caroline!). She’s currently residing near London and we’ve made plans to meet up this summer. Again, having it be an English speaking country puts me at ease and even more so knowing I’ll be meeting up with a friend who will show me the sights!


I’ve gotten countless recommendations to head up Spain and see what the beautiful country has to offer. This one might be a bit tricky, since the airline I usually travel doesn’t fly directly to the city I’m thinking of. Connecting flights and I stay far away from each other. I am a bit nervous to commit to Spain: I’m aware my two years of Spanish in high school won’t cut it so getting around would be a lot more challenging. I might not be confident enough to pull the trigger on this one but, I have two wonderful friends who are studying abroad who promise to connect with me if I choose to get there. So…we’ll see what happens!

Charleston, South Carolina

Charming houses, warm beaches, delicious seafood. Do I really need to give more reasons why this place is on my top five list?! Being in the United States gives Charleston the appeal that goes along with a long weekend get-away. Downtown isn’t too far from the airport which makes it extra appealing to indulge in a self-tour walk of King Street and all the pastel colored houses. Not all travels have to be extravagant, sometimes a small weekend away can be just what the doctor ordered.

Austin, Texas

Again with the connections! But really, is there a better way to tour a new city than with someone who knows the area?! One of my cousins is a huge travel bug/inspiration for me to leave my house. Her parents live outside of Austin and it would be a great opportunity to catch up with her since she graduated. Austin is known for amazing tacos, funky wall murals, and an Instagramable outdoor atmosphere. I can definitely see myself enjoying my time in hot, crazy, Texas.


Is there anywhere else in the world that I shouldn’t miss out on? Comment below and tell me where you’d love to go!

3 thoughts on “Travel Bucket List

  1. You need to see mountains at some time!! I love the Rocky Mountains Range. You should really hit up at least one national park!


  2. Spain is wonderful, definitely go! It’s warm all the time and as long as you brush up on common phrases in Spanish, you’ll be fine because everyone speaks English in the larger cities. I know food and some numbers, that’s about it and I did just fine :). Plus knowing people there, you won’t regret going at all!


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