Hello Hello Hello

More time with friends, more time with family, and more time with myself which is something equally, if not more, important than a summer job.

If you’ve read my About Me  then you know this, but if not then I wanted to say that this blog, like many beginnings, was created after bad news. I had been hedging my bets for another year as an intern in marketing or sales. After many applications, rejections, and a few offers that didn’t fit I found myself with no summer plans. With a Type A personality I wasn’t about to sit in my bed watching Netflix all summer (although that may or may not be what I’m doing right now). I’ve always had the desire to start a blog. I’ve even gone so far as to be a marketing coordinator for a friends blog, but I’ve never had the guts to pull the trigger myself. After some extensive pro/con lists with my morning coffee I came to the realization that there couldn’t possibly be a better time to start this chapter. With a strong goal in mind and a yearning for a change of life, I’m ready.

I am giving myself accountability by creating my corner of the internet. There is something to be said about telling people what your plans are. If I tell my roommate I’m going for a run this afternoon, I’m a lot more likely to do it. This blog is my afternoon run. Stepping out of my comfort zone to tell random people what’s going on in my life. Admittedly, what I find a bit scarier is having people who know me read my blog (hello people from high school who are curious to what I’m doing).  That being said, at this point in my life I have never felt more confident and comfortable with who I am. That’s not to say hitting “publish” didn’t send adrenaline through my body, but again this feels like the right time and situation to begin something like this. No matter what, people are going to judge so you might as well be yourself.

I will fiercly love myself

This summer I will begin to fiercely love myself. This means drinking enough water everyday, making sure I take care of my skin, my health, my soul. I want to read books I haven’t had time for, travel to places I’ve never been, and live. Life is all about the experience. Every day I should wake up, sun shinning or not, grateful for what it will bring. Because life is such a journey, and how often do we take the time to do just what we want to do? Doing things not because it’s expected, or because it’s the right thing to do, but because you’ve always wanted to, or just feel like it.

Today begins three months of doing things because I want to, and to all the people who say “it’s not worth it, it’s too expensive, you won’t like it, you’ll regret it,” I look forward to proving you wrong.


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