5 Hair Products that Change the Game

When I was in elementary school I was jealous of all the girls will anything that could be defined as a curl. Now? I have a curly/wavy/stick-straight vibe going on that I have not been loving. There’s nothing I’d like more than perfect curls or stick straight hair but that’s just not happening! Lately I’ve switched up my hair routine and it’s allowed me to go heatless. That’s right: no hair dryer, no straightener, no curler needed to achieve my freshly washed look. That’s not to say that on day 2 or 3 (bare with me, I got obscenely long before I wash my thick locks) I won’t run my hair through a straightener. But, these five products have changed the way my hair feels, looks, and styles!  Continue reading “5 Hair Products that Change the Game”

3 Healthy Summer Breakfast Ideas

This week we had our first 90 degree day, and can you guess what my first thought was? Something along the lines of “crap soon enough the pools are going to open… I should be eating way healthier than I am.” Part of my 2017 resolutions included being more aware of what I ate and trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I didn’t kid myself in making it a point to run five miles every day or making myself eat only whole foods. I started a lot smaller than that, think meal by meal improvements. Below are three healthy breakfast meals that I reach for daily to jump start my day and to push me in the right direction. Continue reading “3 Healthy Summer Breakfast Ideas”

Four Days in Ireland with One Carry-On

I think I’m not alone when I say that I’m an over packer. Even when lay out all my outfits for each day I start to think “what if I don’t want to wear that?” or “what if it’s too cold to wear a dress.” This leads another sweater, another pair of pants, and always too many shoes. On my recent travel to Ireland, (which is where I’m currently staying at the moment!) I made it a mission to not over pack.  Continue reading “Four Days in Ireland with One Carry-On”

Travel Bucket List

When I first decided to travel this summer I was brainstorming of all the places I wanted to go. And let me tell ya, the list got long fast! But, with graduation parties, weddings, and family commitments, suddenly my blocks of time got a bit shorter. When school starts up in the fall I won’t have class on Mondays or Fridays (the real question being ” is it really school if you have a four day weekend??”) I’ve already made a mental note that in the fall I want to continue booking weekend getaways and so that made me feel better knowing that even if I don’t go everywhere I want to this summer, I still have the rest of 2017 to travel. Continue reading “Travel Bucket List”

Hello Hello Hello

More time with friends, more time with family, and more time with myself which is something equally, if not more, important than a summer job.

If you’ve read my About Me  then you know this, but if not then I wanted to say that this blog, like many beginnings, was created after bad news. I had been hedging my bets for another year as an intern in marketing or sales. After many applications, rejections, and a few offers that didn’t fit I found myself with no summer plans. With a Type A personality I wasn’t about to sit in my bed watching Netflix all summer (although that may or may not be what I’m doing right now). I’ve always had the desire to start a blog. I’ve even gone so far as to be a marketing coordinator for a friends blog, but I’ve never had the guts to pull the trigger myself. After some extensive pro/con lists with my morning coffee I came to the realization that there couldn’t possibly be a better time to start this chapter. With a strong goal in mind and a yearning for a change of life, I’m ready. Continue reading “Hello Hello Hello”